Russian street children

Childrens Hospital and Research Center in Minsk

This is a website I found that really grabbed my heart.

It's a website for Russian children that have cancer and many of them have been abandoned by their parents.

Here are their stories:


Now aged two and-a-half, was abandoned in the street in January 2005. He was found naked

in the snow - his little feet were frozen.

He suffers from liver cancer ( the tumour is twice the size of his liver).

He underwent chemotherapy and had an operation in December 2005.

At the moment after leaving the hospital an orphanage for children up to age 3 in the little town of Pinsk.

Our association has been supporting him for several months and we feel we cannot abandon him.

We keep in touch with the orphanage, which has basic needs such as nappies, hygiene

products, clothes, food, toys, etc.


(age 2), suffers from lukemia.

Her father is an alcoholic and never visits her at the hospital. Her mother is schizophrenic

and so the doctors prefer to keep her away from the hospital.





(age 2) suffers from lukemia. His mother, abandoned by her husband, lives with her

three children and has no financial resources whatsoever.....


You can read more about these children and what you can do to help on:



There are some of these children that there are to late to help, they sadly past away.

May they rest in peace!

Pavlina Lavrinovitch  died ( age 5) April 2007

Jenia Tchasnouliavitchus died (age 3) April 2007



Anna Khartchenko died (age 14) November 2006